• Location: The AFTF 2016 will be held in the Computer History Museum ,1401 N Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA 94043

    Time: 1:30pm - 5:00pm, May 8, 2016 (PDT)

  • From Fintech to Finlife

    Ant Financial Services Group is dedicated to using technology to provide inclusive financial services to individuals as well as small and micro enterprises. We believe financial services should be safe, simple, low-cost and accessible to the many, not the few. And our technologies, such as cloud computing and Big Data analytics, make us uniquely placed to achieve this. Ant Financial can handle over 80,000 payments per second, greatly reducing the cost of each transaction. Armed with such technology capacities, we provide the unbanked populations in emerging markets with low-cost financial products covering payment, loans, insurance and wealth management. To find out more about the technology capacities behind these products, join us at Ant Financial Tech Forum.

  • Keynote


    Cheng joined Alipay in 2005. He wrote the original code of Alipay.com and later he became chief architect. Together with his colleagues, he built the highly scalable Ant Financial platform, and architected a lot of innovative financial services. Cheng got his Master of Science in Computer Science from Shanghai University in 2000 and he studied as a Ph.D. candidate in Shanghai Jiaotong University from 2000 to 2004.


    Cheng is going to talk about the evolution of Ant Financial services, the social changes Ant Financial has brought about. Cheng is also going to talk about how Fintech companies like Ant Financial helped make financial services more accessible to the many, not the few.

    Break out session

    Xi HU -Chief Technology Architect

    As the Chief Architect of Ant Financial, Hu is in charge of the architecture and development of the infrastructure technologies for Alipay.


    Hu is going to talk about cloud computing and big data technologies behind Ant Financial products. These technologies greatly reduce the cost per transaction, making it possible to provide inclusive financial services to individuals as well as small and micro enterprises.

    Jason LU -Vice President

    Risk Technology and data science executive with 20+ years of experience in PayPal, Reuters, 1st Financial Bank and UBS Investment Bank. Jason has extensive expertise in the development and delivery of complex real time analytics systems and products such as risk management, biometrics and mobile identity, trading / order routing engine, online high performance financial portal and CRM solutions.


    Jason will talk about the world class fraud risk platform Ant Financial uses 24/7 to protect its customers and partners transactions and accounts in real time. It utilizes latest advancement in biometrics detection, big data risk detection and cloud computing to achieve one of the lowest loss rate and customer interruption rate in the industry.

    Yuan QI -Chief Data Scientist

    Dr. Yuan (Alan) Qi is Vice President and Chief Data Scientist of Ant Financial. He obtained his PhD from MIT and was tenured at Purdue University as associate professor in CS and Statistics. He is an associate editor of JMLR and served as area chair of ICML. He received NSF Career award in 2011. Now he leads the AI department at Ant Financial, building machine learning and deep learning platforms (including search and recommendation engines)  and working with various business units to develop analytical and predictive solutions.


    Big Data and AI at Ant Financial

    Abstract: A central task at Ant Financial is to make predictions based on massive data including (but not limited to) financial transactions, financial news, user behaviors and social networks. In this talk I will introduce our work on machine learning at Ant Financial and its applications to various applications including intelligent customer service,security, micro-loans and insurance.

  • Alipay

    Launched in 2004, Alipay is the world’s leading third-party payment platform. It currently has over 450 million active registered users and more than 200 financial institution partners. In addition to online payment functions such as online shopping payments, money transfer, and utility bill payments, Alipay is expanding to offline payments both inside and outside of China.

    Zhima Credit

    Based on Big Data and machine learning technologies, Zhima Credit is an independent organization within Ant Financial offering credit filing and scoring services for individuals. Zhima Credit is widely used by consumer finance companies, travel agents, hotels, vehicle leasing companies and even online dating sites. Users with a higher Zhima Credit score can book a hotel or hire a public bicycle without a deposit. Ant Financial’s philosophy is that“creditworthiness creates wealth.”

    Ant Financial Cloud

    Ant Financial Cloud is an open platform that provides world-class cloud computing services that are customized for different financial enterprises. Launched in October 2015, Ant Financial Cloud is helping traditional financial institutions build safer, cheaper and more efficient IT infrastructure.

    Yu’e Bao

    Yu’e Bao is an online wealth management product that offers users higher returns on their current account balance, no matter how tiny their deposit. Jointly launched with China’s Tianhong Asset Management in 2013, Yu’e Bao is the world’s fourth-largest money market fund and the largest in China by volume. 


    MYbank is a private online bank established on June 25, 2015. It is the first bank to run ‘on the cloud’ and one of the first privately-owned banks in China. Before it was absorbed into the newly founded MYbank in June 2015, Ant Micro Loan had been providing micro loans to empower small and micro enterprises and entrepreneurs. 

    Ant Check Later

    Ant Check Later grants consumer credit for individual users to shop online with interest-free loans and in installments. It extends credit lines based on a series of indices such as users’ consumption frequency and payment habits. Users can shop with their Ant Check Later credit at online shopping platforms and defer repayment until the following month.


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